Hollywood Book Reviews

Reviewed by: Lisa Brown-Gilbert

Author Rex Nelson Greenwald’s, One Lifetime Is Not Enough, offers readers access to the endearing and ultimately inspirational life’s journey of Timothy Coy. His is a journey replete with spiritual awakening as well as many sage life lessons, especially focused on when it comes to the judgment of others.

Starting out the story, part one of the story, brings into view twelve-year-old Coy; he is curious, intelligent, and somewhat of an introvert. The year is 1973 and he lives in Northern Minnesota with his parents and one sister. His life changes after the death of his grandmother. He is sent to be with his grandfather at the resort where he was caretaker, at Lake Esquanamah. While at the resort Coy grows to understand himself, life, and people from a different, expansive spiritual perspective through his many experiences, encounters, and relationships. In particular, his experiences with Growler, a man of little words, leads to his own spiritual awakening.

As young Coy begins his stay with his grandfather, he meets Growler, introduced by his grandfather as both a friend and fellow worker around the resort. Upon their initial encounter observant Coy becomes deeply intrigued by this man who never speaks to anyone, and only grunts to communicate, which leads Coy to jump to conclusions about the man with the immediate judgment that he could not speak at all. Completely intrigued by Growler, Coy finds himself deeply interested and wants to learn more about the mysterious man. Ultimately it is Coy’s inquisitive nature which leads the pair to forming a special bond and becoming longtime friends. Meanwhile, Coy also meets other vacationers around the resort, with the encounters leading to experiences which delved into lessons concerning puberty, judging others, and humility.

However, Coy’s experiences doesn’t just end with his summer of growth at the resort, Part Two of the book brings Coy as an adult, ten years later and building a family of his own. He finds himself once again at the resort, where the story comes full circle on multiple levels.

Ultimately, One Lifetime Is Not Enough made for a wonderfully endearing and inspiring story which I wholeheartedly enjoyed. I immediately found myself engrossed in Coy’s world, drawn in by his personality, insights, tenacity, and inspiring spiritual growth. Author Rex Nelson Greenwald has an inspiring gift for writing, with this literate, colorful and inspiring story.  I recommend this book, it is great “chicken soup” for the reader’s soul.